How To Shop

Go to Masoko once the window opens, click on Sign in to register on the platform.

2. Click on the Home button or Masoko logo to go to the home page.

This will take you to the home page and from here you can browse through the products, search for products by typing in the product you are looking for or go through the categories.

3. Select the product you wish to purchase and add to the cart. 

4. Select the number of items per product to check out.

5. Click on the shopping cart to check out.

6. On successful payment, you will get the payment successful notification and order generation notification

You will also get a notification on SMS and or the provided email. When you click on the order number, it will show you the status of your order. On completion, you will be able to track and trace your package via a link that will be sent to your SMS and email. For any concerns, complaints or feedback write us an email at: